Tuesday 2nd June 1953

Coronation Day

Coronation Day’s common act of thanksgiving and jubilation throughout the United Kingdom was nowhere more enthusiastically on display than in St Ives.

As a chilly morning gave way to sunshine by mid-afternoon over 1,500 children, most waving Union Jacks, gathered at the Motor Coach Park (Park Avenue). Led by the Town Band, the whole company gave a rousing rendition of the National Anthem and the parade began.

At the front was the St Ives Town Band, with the Salvation Army Band bringing up the rear. Ministers of their churches, including the Rev. Herbert Luke, Father A.W. Delaney, the Rev. Colin Sheffield, the Rev. J.C. Boyes and Mr M.L. Hawken, St Ives Port Missionary were also part of the procession which was given a cheery send-off by Mayor Marion Pearce, Deputy Mayor Alderman T. Bryant and Mrs Bryant.

The Parade

Large numbers of locals and visitors lined the procession route which included The Stennack, Gabriel Street, Tregenna Place, High Street, The Wharf and Fore Street.

St Ives’ oldest man, Tommy Warren (98) of Chy-an-Garth, Bowling Green watched it all from his chair on The Wharf, reflecting on a life that stretched over 6 reigns - from the prime of Queen Victoria to the new young Queen in ‘the fair spring of her beginning’.

Thursday 4th June 1953

Street Parties

A series of street tea parties were probably the most memorable part of Coronation week.

At the end of their parade the children went to the Old Drill Hall where a band of helpers including Chairman of the Coronation Committee, Councillor J. W. Daniel distributed ice-cream and pop.

On leaving the Old Drill Hall many went on to street teas throughout the town. One table, laden with jellies, blancmange, and sandwiches was set up with fairy-like theme for 72 children from Bellair Terrace, Ayr Lane, Richmond Place, Carrack Dhu, Windsor Terrace, Tregenna Place, Tregenna Hill and High Street.

The children took their places at the table through a beautiful archway of flowers and ferns. There was a magnificent Coronation Cake which the Mayor came to cut during the party.

That Thursday was also big day for 94 children from the Treverbyn Road area. For their party £26 had been collected.

£50 was raised to give the children and pensioners of the district a really grand party at The Island, with Johnny Barber among the attendees.

Mrs Pearce distributed glass beakers to the children, paid for by a local fund and presented a 5 shilling piece to 4-week old Dorothy Wedge of 31 Pier View.

After the party, a dance was held in the car park of Messrs J. & J.Couch Ltd who supplied loudspeakers for the occasion.

These parties also took place before and after the big day. Thursday 4 June saw a feast for 150 Downlong children involving 260 meat pies, 168 bottles of pop and numerous ice creams. Visitors included the Mayor, who cut a cake made in the form of a crown by Mr and Mrs Ward of Island Road.

Sisters Angela Stevens and Edwina Thomas with Coronation tankards in hand and ready to party.

About 50 children from the Sea View Terrace and Tregenna Terrace were given tea in the Masonic Hall. Deep in Downlong there was a party for residents of Virgin Street, Bunkers Hill and Court Cocking but held in Norway Square. It looked a picture, luxuriantly decorated with a fine arch of greenery. Just under £30 had been collected for a tea for 114 children. Two children – Leslie and Brian Murrish, were ill in bed but did not miss out as a share of the goodies was taken to them. The Mayor presented ten months old Philip Allen with a 5 shilling piece as a memento of the occasion.

Margaret Stevens (née Rainford) and her cousin Mary Martin (née Pellow) are ready for tea.

Down the hill at Wesley Place was another large party for 80 children from Street-an-Garrow, Bedford Road, Dove Street and Gabriel Street. These and other parties were funded by neighbourly donations.

Up at Ayr, 100 children were given a party in Mr Burt’s garage, hurriedly cleared for the purpose when the weather looked uncertain. After tea the children proceeded to Ayr Playing Field where for sporting contests with prizes for the winners.